What is "Okonomiyaki"?

Loved throughout the ages in Japan, "Okonomiyaki" is often described as a "Japanese-style pizza" and it is a dish that is especially popular in Osaka. Fresh vegetables, meat, fish and/or shellfish are blended into the batter that is used as a base, and that mixture is then poured onto the griddle. Once it is thoroughly cooked, a special sauce - together with mayonnaise - is brushed on top, a further topping of dried bonito or seaweed is applied, and the Okonomiyaki is then ready to be eaten. The taste of the Japanese people, "Okonomiyaki" is something everyone should try at least once.

Points of interest

1. Okonomiyaki is healthy!

Because Okonomiyaki is made from various kinds of ingredients, such as eggs, meat and vegetables, it contains much of our daily nutritional requirements. At "Tsuruhashi Fugestu" especially, we use a large amount of cabbage with its abundance of dietary fiber. This fiber has the ability to "remove" excessive fat, salt and cholesterol from the food you take in.

2. Technique is required in its preparation!

The amount of moisture in cabbage differs depending upon the season. So, at "Tsuruhashi Fugestu", in order to maintain the great taste and texture of the cabbage we use, we adjust the way we cut it in accordance with the season. In this way, our Okonomiyaki always tastes great!

3. It's prepared in front of your very eyes!

At "Tsuruhashi Fugestu", cooking is performed right there in front of each of our customers! This is just our way of proving our commitment to using only high quality materials and it is an expression of our desire to have all of our customers thoroughly enjoy the delicious taste of our food.

Health-related points

• Great nutritional balance!

Although Okonomiyaki has the image of being high in calories, in fact, one Okonomiyaki is only about 570 kcal. That's less than 1/3 of the amount of caloric intake required by a female clerical worker. This means that making Okonomiyaki one of your daily meals is actually a great way to take in the proper number of calories you need. And, since flour is used as the base ingredient, Okonomiyaki has further merit in being a truly filling dish. Of course, that flour contains both carbohydrates, used by the body as an energy source, and protein, which builds blood and muscles. The further addition of various ingredients mixed into the batter means that Okonomiyaki supplies you with a variety of nutrients in the appropriate balance.

• Ten or more items in a single dish!

It is said that the goal of consuming 30 different items per day is good for the health and, since various ingredients - such as cabbage, yams, meat, fish and shellfish, and eggs - are used in each Okonomiyaki, it already gives you ten or more of those items you should have.

• Cabbage makes for a healthy stomach!

Even more so than many other vegetables, cabbage contains an abundance of good proteins, calcium and vitamins. Among these, it is said that vitamin U is especially good for the stomach and intestines. Moreover, the minerals it contains helps digestive absorption and also prevents nausea caused by poor digestion. In order to obtain these benefits from cabbage, it is important to consume an ample quantity. Since the volume of the cabbage is decrease when Okonomiyaki is cooked, it can easily be eaten in greater quantities than normal. It is also said that 70% of the daily requirement of vitamin C is contained in one large leaf of cabbage. That means that just one Okonomiyaki supplies you with a full day's requirement of vitamin C.

• Contains easily ingestable dietary fiber!

Dietary fiber is contained in abundance in the flour, cabbage, and yams that are used in the making of Okonomiyaki. This fiber increases performance in the stomach and intestines, removes excessive fat, and works to expel cholesterol and salt from the body. Dietary fiber is easily ingested by eating Okonomiyaki, and it is great for your overall health. When making Okonomiyaki at home, be sure to use a variety of vegetables, increase their quantity, and try to add one special addition all your own.


[Ao-nori: Seaweed]

Dried seaweed.
Sprinkled on top or used as a spice.

[Katsuo-bushi: Bonito flakes]

Bonito meat. Boiled, sun-dried and shaved into flakes.
The last flavoring that is sprinkled on top.

Seret seasoning

[Beni-shoga: Red pickled ginger]

Ginger pickled in apricot vinegar and colored red.
Any disagreeable smell from the main ingredients is removed and only the delicious scent of ginger is brought forth.

[Tenkasu: Deep-fried batter]

The pieces of batter that are generated when tempura is fried.
Mixed into the batter as a secret seasoning.
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